Wendy William Plastic Surgery

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Wendy William plastic surgery is one of bad plastic surgeries. Now, Wendy William has the artificial and unnatural looks. Some people consider that is the result of bad plastic surgery. Not only affect on the appearance of Wendy William, but also on her cup size. One media reported that she has breast implants and liposuction for boosting her image.

This is the look of Wendy Williams Before and After Plastic Surgery
Wendy William Plastic Surgery Before and After
Wendy William Plastic Surgery Before and After
Now we have the question, actually, what is the reason of Ms. Williams until he decided to take a plastic surgery? There are many opinions about it. One of the speculation is because of small cup size and overweight condition that make this actress feeling uncomfortable.

Wendy Williams is a perfectionist woman who want to have perfect body shape appearance. This make she decided to have tummy tuck for eliminating the stomach excess fats. The surgery is also for boosting her cup size.

Actually, Ms. Williams had got the first surgery of breast implants in 2009. After she had given birth to her son, she got another boob job. Ms. Williams said that she has 7 surgical attempts in order to have the proper shape for her boobs. It is known from the recognition of this actress when she asked about this surgery rumor.

The tattoos around Williams’s stomach is suspected by some people deliberately for disguising the liposuction scars of her surgery.

Now, Wendy Williams has crossed her 40s. In this age, she has significant appearance changes. We can look this at Wendy Williams before and after plastic surgery pictures. Besides breast augmentation and liposuction, the other plastic surgery procedures is also appears on her face. She may have nose job, facelift, Botox injection, eyelid surgery, and cheeks implants.

Ms. Williams has written a book with the title “Wendy’s Got The Heat”. According to her, the surgery of breast augmentation and liposuctions is not approved by her parents. They suggest Williams to take a healthy exercise and good diet. However, Wendy Williams does not agree about it. She thinks that plastic surgery is the only way to get her perfect appearance. But now, she just becomes one of victims of bad medical treatments.

Wendy William Plastic Surgery
We can see Williams’s face skin that looks so smooth, free from wrinkles, and tight. It is the indication that she use the combination of facelift and Botox injection. Even though her age has passed 49-year-old, her skin appearance doesn't look have the aging lines and crow's feet line.

Meanwhile, you also can see that Williams's nose shape looks slimmer and her cheeks looks higher. These may indicate that she has nose job and got cheek implants. 

Some people said that Plastic Surgery of Wendy Williams is too much. However, she has admitted it bravery. We can appreciate it, because of many other celebrities hide their surgical procedures.

Here is a video about Wendy William Plastic Surgery:

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